Forensic Scientist Testifies in the Manslaughter Trail of Former Florida Cop Nouman Raja Accused In 2015 Fatal Shooting

Testimony continued in day three of the manslaughter trial of former Palm Beach Gardens Police Officer Nouman Raja continued with testimony from forensic scientist Angie Vassalotti who analyzed DNA collected from evidence collected at the crime scene.

Corey Jones, a 31 yr old Black man, and US citizen found himself stranded on the side of an Interstate 95 exit ramp in Palm Beach Gardens after his SUV broke down. Mr. Jones was later shot and killed by Raja in October 2015.

Defense attorneys are arguing that Raja, 41, shot and killed Jones in self-defense when Jones who was a legal gun owner with a concealed weapons permit, pulled a gun after being confronted by the undercover cop what was not wearing any clothing to indicate he was a police officer.

Prosecutors claim Raja instigated the confrontation with Jones while he was working undercover and never identified himself as a police officer, leading Jones to believe that Raja was attempting to rob him.

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