BTR News: Part 2 of US Congressional #HR40 Hearings & Commentary

Kicking off Juneteenth Celebrations A Congressional Panel will hold a hearing on the HR 40 Bill which would create a reparations commission to study, document and recommend proposals for reparative justice. Sen. Mitch McConnel disparagingly referred to as Turtle Man, expressed his opposition to reparations for African Americans who come from an American lineage that began in slavery which despite popular opinion, the 13th Amendment provided a loophole for slavers to exploit and continue the practice of enslavement by targeting emancipated Africans and their descendants for the prison industrial complex, modern-day slavery and denying them the full fruits of rights and priveledges affording citizens in the US constitution.

Also, this week organizations affiliated with N’Cobra which was founded in 1987 and helped rewrite the current HR 40 Bill before Congress and the subject of these hearings, will hold their 30th Annual Conference on Thursday.

Black Talk Radio will open up the phone lines after the hearing has concluded for those with questions or concerns they would like to share with the audience.

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