BTR News: Gaston County’s Lack of Leadership Concerning Its Covid 19 Pandemic Is Deadly

By Scotty T. Reid,

Mt. Holly, North Carolina – Tonight, October 27, 2020, is a Gaston County Commissioner’s meetings which I have been attending every other week as they are held, since becoming part of organized opposition to a Neo-Confederate statute in front of the courthouse, and institutional racism in general. While I was hoping to set a record for attending meetings to take advantage of the Citizen’s Recognition portion so that I may address some of the local “powers that be” and make them aware of grievances but more importantly to document the fact that they were made aware of issues and given documentation which is entered into the public record, I cannot in good conscious attend.

I actually enjoy going to these meets leaving feeling like I contributed in my small way to the struggle in my hometown. I am skipping tonight’s Gaston County Commissioner’s meeting out of an abundance of caution and care for every member of my family, both young and the elderly, my neighbors, and Gaston County as a community. I came to this easy decision after photos of Commissioners Tracy Philbeck and the proud neo-confederate “good ole boy” Commissioner Chad Brown, started circulating of Trump’s Super Spreader Covid 19 event at the county airport where an aerial shot clearly showed what looked like a giant 23,000 strong mosh pit of maskless, screaming and yelling Trump supporters.

We know that while citizens, the Sheriff deputies, and other county employees forced to be there, are required to wear masks and its seems to be strictly enforced except against the commissioners themselves while sitting in chairs without masks above the seated audience members. The current science says that it doesn’t matter that they are more than six feet away, microscopic droplets have been proven to travel a lot further than six feet.

Covid 19 is spread through the air and in an enclosed environment with the air circulation system on, the commissioners are rolling the dice with the lives of everyone who willingly walks in or is forced to be there for economic reasons. I for one believe the courthouse will need a “deep cleaning” after tonight’s meeting or at least 14 days will have passed before I have to make a similar decision about attending.

Those who follow the social media posts and read the quotes of members of the County Board, primarily County Board Commissioner Tracy Philbeck know that they have provided incompetent leadership during a viral pandemic claiming the lives and health of Gaston County Residents. Philbeck who was just quoted in the Gaston Gazette is angry as positive cases rise in the State and in Gaston County, that the State Health Secretary “requested” counties enforce the phase III protocols, especially on businesses that seat patrons indoors.

Tracy Philbeck said that he doesn’t support enforcing health mandates and from the start of the pandemic, he has helped to politicize mask-wearing mirroring Donald Trump’s cavalier attitude towards people’s lives in favor of generating revenue. For residents who have not heard the news, at least two businesses, both entertainment venues, had shootings and brawls and video shows an all-out brawl between maskless patrons breaking bottles over heads. The other also had several employees test positive for Covid 19 and no doubt counted among the rise in cases in Gaston County and was questioned on whether or not they were going to inform the public.

Tracy Philbeck made statements supporting religious institutions holding capacity indoor services because they were not getting the revenue they generated from donations pre-pandemic. Remind me again what the Bible says about betrayal and pieces of silver.

So no I will not attend the Commissioners meeting and sit back and wait like everyone else to see how much worse this pandemic gets in our County of over 250,000 people minus the ones who have already died from Covid. It is imperative that county residents take it upon themselves to self-quarantine and follow the health departments guidelines because we sure aren’t getting leadership on the issue from the county commissioners who have been critical of Governor Roy Cooper’s handling of the pandemic but will tonight accept over 200,000 dollars in Covid 19 relief funds.

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