BTR News w/ Scotty Reid: Trump’s Treason Shows Serious Flaws In The U.S. Constitution

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Donald Trump is wreaking havoc on the U.S. political system and the so-called U.S Justice system as he continues to exploit the United States’ tendency to not prosecute people elected Presidents for the crimes they have committed. The Donald Trump Conspiracy Tour continues as the POTUS was recorded on a phone call trying once again to get another elected Republican official in a state he has lost to participate in election rigging, a federal crime, and that is why these calls are being leaked.

US citizens and supporters of both sides of the political aisle, Democrat vs. Republican, engage in collective partisan denialism when it comes to their man or woman commits a crime and seemingly unable to debate the merits of the evidence objectively like a juror should who has been given that heavy responsibility to be impartial in the face of facts.

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The Senate runoff races start tomorrow in Georgia and incumbent Senator David Purdue seems to be part of Trump’s conspiracy to disenfranchise voters who voted him out of office in 2020 in order to stay in office. Perdue was on Fox News pushing Trump’s debunked talking points about election fraud they have yet to present any evidence of in the US federal courts. The two US Senate races in Georgia could swing the balance of power in the US. Senate.

If there was any real justice in the United States, Trump should expect to be indicted on a bevy of federal charges right along with his co-conspirators by whoever is the next US Attorney General but the problem is, there isn’t any true justice for all when POTUS-elect Biden has already signaled that he isn’t interested in seeing Donald J. Trump prosecuted for any crime, he wants to “heal the soul of America” and gives other unacceptable reasons for why he is continuing the tradition of the political elite making a mockery of the rule of law while at the same time incarcerating millions of people for lesser so-called crimes than those Trump and his insurrectionist minions are committing right before our eyes in real-time.

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2 Replies to “BTR News w/ Scotty Reid: Trump’s Treason Shows Serious Flaws In The U.S. Constitution”

  1. Scotty, I was listening to your broadcast today Please list the actions of Pres.Trump that you are referring to that are Treason. I am trying to understand the situation .Thank you Eileen

    1. Treason is “the highest of all crimes”—defined as intentionally betraying one’s allegiance by levying war against the government or giving aid or comfort to its enemies. (In re Charge to Grand Jury, 2 Curt.C.C. 630 (D. Mass. Cir. Ct. 1851).) It’s the most serious offense one can commit against the government and punishable by imprisonment and death. Treason prosecutions are rare, with around 40 federal prosecutions (and even fewer convictions) in U.S. history.

      Promoting Hitler like Big Lies about election fraud culminating in inciting a mob to to stage an insurrection aimed stopping the electoral process and duties of the US Congress. Trump and his allies had every opportunity to present evidence in the state and federal courts to support their allegations, they presented over 100 frivolous lawsuits dismissed by judges appointed by both parties. I don’t see how one can attempt a coup without it being treason. Thanks for tuning in.

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