BTR News: Black History Discussion on African Monarchs

Welcome to BTR NEWS w/ Scotty Reid as I broadcast from behind the enemy lines of Corporate USA. We have a guest joining us tonight who has a different opinion on the African Monarchs than I do and since it is Black History month, they are part of that history even if only a negative part, but I said sure why not let’s have that discussion?

I also want to talk about the emotionalism and uncodified behavior I’ve witnessed in the wake of the killing of Tyre Nichols. One thing that caught my eye as well as that of the suspected racist podcast hosts, is the Rev. Al Sharpton’s claim at the funeral for Mr. Nichols when he told the family that if he were white (Tyre), it would not have happened to him.

This statement is both uncodified and incorrect and when I pointed this out online, a black woman whom I don’t know blocked me on social media because of her emotionalism when confronted with irrefutable facts that all kinds of people get snuffed out by police in the USA.

Why is it so hard for some people, of all ethnicities and skin colors, to believe that hundreds of white people are among the body counts of those who died at the hands of cops?

It just seems to me that instead of discussing realistic solutions to the problem of police violence, some of my peers keep repeating the same arguments about how it is linked to white supremacy that they made the last time a black person was killed by cops on camera. Policing today is linked to 21st Century Slavery and today all demographics across racial lines are falling victim to the same system and the slave catchers come in all colors, religions, and genders.

Would love to hear from the listeners if they have anything they would like to discuss in the context of tonight’s discussion.

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