Tanya Petty

Tanya Petty Terminated From Employment For Harassing Black Man Fishing

A white woman who has been identified as Tanya Petty was an employee of Sea Glass Therapy until she was terminated after a video of her harassing a black resident in her neighborhood who was fishing went viral on social media. The incident that led to Tanya Petty’s termination from her employment at Sea Glass Therapy has sparked outrage and widespread condemnation. In the video, which quickly gained traction on social media platforms, Tanya can be seen questioning whether or not the black resident who was peacefully fishing along the riverside with his partner, belonged in the community.

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The incident unfolded in a manner that has been all too typical when black people find themselves in white predominately white spaces but nonetheless, it is still shocking and deeply disturbing that this keeps happening all over the United States. Tanya, perhaps driven by her racist beliefs and prejudices, proceeded to threaten the couple by reporting them to law enforcement and said she would take a picture of their car tag. The video sparked a flurry of reactions from people all over the country, leading to some calling for Tanya’s immediate termination from her contractor position at Sea Glass Therapy which is located in Newnan, Georgia.

The company issued the following statement:

“Sea Glass Therapy is a place of acceptance, healing, and inclusion of all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or background,” the company shared on social media earlier this week.
“We stand against discrimination of all forms. We have terminated our business relationship with the independent contractor, Tanya, in order to uphold our values and standards. We strive to be a service to our community and do whatever we can to accommodate the needs of it, operating with integrity.”

Petty was identified by a YouTube user as a massage therapist working as an independent contractor at Sea Glass Therapy, a Newnan, Georgia-based company offering counseling and personal therapy. Petty’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, which appeared in some of the video copies, have now been made private or taken offline.

Many individuals online expressed their disgust and disappointment at Tanya’s behavior while many others defended her intrusive actions, highlighting the importance of addressing and combating racism in all aspects of people’s activity.

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