Black Talk Radio News – Voter Id, Ted Cruz, Police Terrorism & Racist Frat

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Open lines and war reports from behind what we call enemy lines. Reports from the field are strongly encouraged.

The US Supreme Court voted to not hear a challenge to Wisconsin’s new state voter id law as should have been expected.

The right wing extremist Ted Cruz is the first Republican to officially start campaigning to become the next CEO of America. The Senator from Texas has an interesting background in law, lets take a look at what laws and political positions he has taken.

Woman spends 22 years on death row in Arizona for killing son freed after murder conviction thrown out. Detective in the case that led to charges against woman known for corruption an all too familiar component to wrongful convictions.

Three cops fired and one resigns from Fort Lauderdale police department after racist text messages revealed in investigation. The four former cops were sending racist texts and a movie trailer made one of them, among themselves and former cops who were not on the force.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat in center of racist chant was also at the center of the hazing death of black pledge George Desdunes in 2011.

The story of the Black sixth grade student in Indiana who has suffered racist terrorism is starting to pick up on social media. Is this sort of terrorism common in schools where white students are the majority?

The Philadelphia police officer who shot Brandon Tate-Brown to death during a December car stop in Frankford committed no crimes and will not be charged according to DA Seth Williams.

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