Black Talk Radio News – “Uncle Toms” & Racism w/ Gus T. Renegade

Today we will be joined by radio host and counter-racist writer Gus T. Renegade to discuss his recent article on so-called “Uncle Toms” and why “hunting” them will not end racism.

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One Reply to “Black Talk Radio News – “Uncle Toms” & Racism w/ Gus T. Renegade”

  1. It is correct that name-calling and blaming blacks that act against black peoples’ interests is counter-productive. These people are the updated creations of Nazi ideology kitchen tested in Europe during the 2nd world war.

    “Operation Paperclip” brought professionals trained in German Scientific methodology to the United States after the 2nd world war. They collaborated with like-minded native-born people to influence policy in every major institution and Government Agency. These world-renowned scientists, psychologists and engineers brought with them lessons learned particularly on the Eastern Front. There the Nazis SS found they could use concentration camp inmates to guard and even execute the other inmates in exchange for a special badge, a loaf of bread or an extra fifteen minutes of life. They were called “kapos”. The Nazis that were brought to this country used this knowledge to scientifically create our “showcase negro” class.

    We should concentrate on the ringmaster, the fascist, the Nazi, and not the clowns.

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