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One Reply to “Black Talk Radio News – Blacks & Immigration”

  1. The person who videotaped the Eric Garner lynching was a Latino who was later arrested.

    What about the thousands of blacks drowning in the Mediterranean Sea trying get into Nazi occupied Europe? They are being enticed to prop up collapsing welfare States there. One quarter of the population of Mexico has been brought into the U.S. for the same reason. People from Latin American countries are used to bloody confrontation with their governments. They will fight and possibly seize the southwest of this country for themselves. Will the blacks fight for their homeland-11 of the 13 former Confederate States? Of course not.

    The racists that support the Alex Jones Show oppose the Police State because they know the Nazis don’t take kindly to inbreds. They are on the list.

    You are right about proxy racism and the corrupt politicians and “leaders” that sold us out in the first place. We had our own schools, banks and businesses before so-called “integration”.

    Vermont has the highest rate of illicit drug use so the jury was probably high on dope along with being racists when they passed that verdict.

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