White terrorist attack on worshipers at historic Black church

By Scotty Reid

A white male terrorist is still on the loose and should be considered armed and dangerous after he ambushed worshipers who more than likely were participating in Bible study at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church located in Charleston, SC.

Reportedly up to nine people were killed in the cowardly attack that follows the murder of Walter Scott in North Charleston by the white terrorist and former police officer Michael Slager who shot the unarmed black motorist in the back several times as he ran. Evidence suggests that Slager and at least one other officer attempted to cover the murder up by planting a taser on Mr. Scott and falsifying police reports. The murder was captured by a bystander on his cell phone and the video led to Slager being charged with murder.

Survivors of the attack on the African Methodist Episcopal Church described the terrorist as a slender 21-year-old white man in a gray sweatshirt or hoodie, jeans and Timberland boots.

A bomb threat was later issued against the church.

Denmark Vesey, known as Telemaque while enslaved, was a free black and former slave in Charleston, South Carolina who is noted for his plan for "the rising," a major enslaved African revolt in 1822
Denmark Vesey, known as Telemaque while enslaved, was a free black and formerly enslaved man in Charleston, South Carolina who is noted for his plot for “the rising,” a major enslaved African revolt in 1822

The African Methodist Episcopal Church is one of the oldest Black churches in the nation being established in 1816. One of the founders of the church was slavery abolitionist Denmark Vesey. Denmark Vesey along with an enslaved African named Gullah Jack were the leaders of an uprising in 1822 that was foiled by other blacks who snitched them out to their white enslavers. Denmark Vesey was a free black man but had been formerly enslaved when he was known as Telemaque. Denmark Vesey and Gullah Jack planed to lead enslaved Africans who had joined the rebellion to the Charleston Harbor, commandeer a ship and sail for Haiti which had recently had a successful revolution in overthrowing their French enslavers battling Napoleon’s army to a stand still thus gaining their independence.

According to some reports, Vesey and five slaves were among the first group of men rapidly judged guilty by the secret proceedings of a city-appointed Court and condemned to death; they were executed by hanging on July 2, 1822. After being hung savages were said to have mutilated their bodies and even cut the skin from their flesh to make souvenirs like coin purses. The African Methodist Episcopal Church would be burned down to the ground but would be rebuilt.

In the wake of the white terrorist attack on the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Gov. Nikki Haley asked everyone to “please join us in lifting up the victims and their families with our love and prayers.”

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7 Replies to “White terrorist attack on worshipers at historic Black church”

  1. This thug needs to dealt with harshly and quickly. Unfortunately,most of us who happen to be the religious type will forgive this descendent of cave dwelling savages and say some sad nonsense such as “he is still a child of god”, “jesus says we should forgive”,etc. Black people wake the f___ up! I do not break bread with my acknowleged enemies anymore. That stopped quite a while back. Get our minds,economy and weapons correct. I would rather die fighting than living on my damn knees for the rest of my life!

  2. What can one even say about this?

    A deliberate act of racial agression to force Black people to react in a way that will offers up more victims?

    An action to start a race war white people seem so sure is going to come sooner rather than later?

    One thing for sure is we are under attack from all angles and we had better get off our knees praying to a God that has continued to forsaken us. No place is safe for a passive people who still look outside of themselves for protection and understanding. We are going to have to harden our hearts to this beast that cares not for a single one of us. Black men it’s time to stand up and face our true enemy and stop kiling each other and get some focus. We are all we have.

    I ask that Most High keep the victims and their families close.

    1. The media will tell you Dylann Roof is mentally ill. I say Roof is a commited soldier for White Supremacy–a world wide system of control that all nonwhites have been subjected to since the theory was put in motion around 500 years ago and which came into full bloom during the founding of the United States.

      There is no such thing as race. It’s only a creation meant for control of the masses and the world’s resources by the supposedly “superior race.”

      Understand White Supremacy and you know the reality of the world we all live in:


      1. Agreed, he said to one of the survivors, “you rape our women and taking over our country”. Sounds like racist rhetoric to me from a white terrorist.

        1. Absolutely Roof is a terrorist! I contend that the comment he reportedly made in response to pleas for him to stop shooting, namely, “You [Black people] rape our women and are taking over our country,” is a sentiment held by many Whites. He just acted on his belief.

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