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In the news… 

The NSA spying that Republicans supported may have come back to bite them in the ass but don’t expect them to suffer any consequences from the revelation that they possibly took bribes from the Zionist Racist government of Israel to undermine the Obama administration’s effort to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran. Don’t be surprised if some of the AIPAC puppets in the Democratic party did the same thing.

More than 1,200 of Hillary Clinton’s emails found on private server deemed classified in latest batch of more than 3,000 emails released to comply with a judge’s order. However, she will continue to lie and make excuses and her campaign will push on because being a woman trumps being incompetent and a huge security risk in the minds of far too many.

Yesterday we touched upon the fake war on cops being exposed by data but we will go more in depth today. Law enforcement officials and police state apologists used corporate media platforms to spread a false narrative in order to gin up public support and sympathy as they were taking a public relation beating for all the people they unjustly murdered in recent years.

An FBI informant tricks a man into participating into an alleged New Year’s eve terrorist plot to kill people at a New York bar and now he has been arrested when more than likely as in past cases, there would have been no plot if not for the paid government agents being the masterminds of these plots using mentally unstable persons to participate.

This news and possibly more today on Black Talk Radio News.

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