BTR News – Trump is right, all Hillary Clinton does is lie

4-12-2016 2-24-57 PMDonald Trump set his sights on Hillary Clinton again as he told an audience in New York at a rally that all the former Secretary of State does is lie and is a worse liar than Lying Ted (Ted Cruz). Trump also went after her on the email scandal and said anyone else would be taken down for what she did if not for her being protected by the Democrats..

Speaking of lies, Clinton recently doubled down another lie from her campaign seeking to blame Bernie Sanders for violent gun crime in New York. This lie has been roundly rebuked by fact checkers but again, all she does is lie.

Yesterday we talked about Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton using the term “super predator” which is racially coded language that is usually associated with Republicans who like to talk a lot about Black people committing disproportionate violent crimes. Today while research the book “The Clansman” which was written in 1909 and the inspired D.W. Griffiths racists masterpiece “Birth of a Nation”, the author of the book wrote back then in support of the subjugation of Black people, that if free, would turn savage and violent, committing crimes such as murder, rape and robbery far out of proportion to their percentage of the population. Ain’t nothing new under the sun.

As most of the nation is focusing on the issue of gender and bathrooms after a recent bill passed in North Carolina referred to as House Bill 2. What has flown under the radar is the fact that the bill also makes it difficult to file discrimination lawsuits in state courts.

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