Did Bill Clinton Threaten US Attorney General Loretta Lynch?

6-29-2016 5-53-36 PM

By Scotty Reid – Today, Attorney General Loretta Lynch arrived in Phoenix, Arizona for a planned visit as part of her national tour to promote “better” community policing. Bill Clinton who is also in Arizona got a “phone call” informing him that the US Attorney General whose Justice Department will decide whether or not to seek indictments after the FBI concludes its criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation, was flying into Phoenix and would be landing shortly.

There have also been reports that Hillary Clinton’s campaign rented office space in the same building where the Department of Justice is located, where US Attorney General Loretta Lynch has an office several floors above.

In a move that would be considered highly inappropriate even to casual legal observers, Bill Clinton waiting at the airport to ambush US Attorney General Lynch and put her on the spot to take or refuse a meeting with him seems very calculated and sinister.

In fact, considering the FBI is said to be investigating not only Hillary’s handling of classified material but an ongoing parallel investigation involving alleged improprieties between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. That makes Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and anyone associate with the Clinton Foundation potential targets.

Bill Clinton used his title of former President to bully Lynch into a private meeting, Bill Clinton is a former lawyer, Arkansas Attorney General and Bill Clinton knows that it was improper for the US Attorney General to meet him when it will be her office that would prosecute those found to be in violation of federal laws. One could credibly argue that the entire Clinton family is under investigation.

Given the blatant stalking of the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch by Bill Clinton which is pretty creep and scary, given the number of people associated with the Clintons who have either committed suicide after constant bullying by Hillary (Vince Foster) and dying in plane crashes with engine failure, the FBI may want to triple the protection of the US Attorney General.

IF you think this concern is unfounded then explain the comment made by Hillary Clinton thinking aloud that she should stay in the race because Obama could get Bobby Kennedied. Bobby Kennedy was a US Attorney General who ran for president after his brother President John F. Kennedy was assassinated only to be assassinated himself at a campaign on June 6, 1968.

Is the Clinton crime family sending a message to the US Attorney General? What do you think about Bill Clinton ambushing Lynch at the airport?

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4 Replies to “Did Bill Clinton Threaten US Attorney General Loretta Lynch?”

  1. Where werre you people when conservatives were calling these 2 out? The paper bags full of cash handed to Hillary by Chinese gardners? Ron Brown and All those others on that plane that mysteriously crashed, a whitehouse fleet charter, carryig many press memebers and other normal people…There was NO BLACK BOX FOUND! Highly unusual. It had been reported that Ron Brown was going to disclose many of Hillary and Bill’s secrets to then prosecuter Kenneth Starr, who was daily Attacked in the media as a conservative right winger…To all you that ALLOWED these 2 corrupted carpet baggers to recah this high controlling position in our nation an world, I say…nothing…nothing I say would be understood…I mean to be so blind about these 2 and hold to your political persuasions demonstrates the wasted energy in even trying to speak truth…WE, all of us are in a sinking boat, and these 2 have been at the helm since the 1980’s digging up dirty secrets on the elite…killing all those who would not scare easily…it’s late in the game…are you still there? Are you waking up yet? Now we have a president in power that openly hates our nation, and has vowed to change it. He has changed it alright. The racial hatred and bigotry in this country has never been this bad, the changing in family structure with a gay, transgender agenda, destroying families and morals…the hatered shown to Christians and the love he gives to moslims is blatent…his open border ploicy allowing illegals safe passage as they are given bus tickets to every city in America, food stamps, shelter, free medial help, all while many Americans are living in cardboard boxes on our cities streets with no hope, no food, no mediacl ttention for their children and themslves…eating out of trash cans, or the little that they collect by standing on street corners and begging for money…yes indeed, h brought Cahnge, Let’s hope it isn’t a lasting one…Let’s all, left, right, black, white, join, shake hands, fight for each other….start vetting police and those in government…tet them, test them again…remove these trigger happy mentally desturbed officers…the good ones can’t be relied upon to police themselves, let’s pass laws for proper testing…Peace to all reading this…know that We are one together…don’t be lead by this Controlled, agenda filled Media…turn your tv’s off if need be…grab your kids and mate and pray for our land….go neighbor to neighbor, develope that bond…we must stay awake!

    1. “Where werre you people”

      Who the hell is “you people”. What you generalizing people. You must have some implicit bias to come on to a Black media network and make blanket statements when obviously you just stumbled upon the network which has been around since 2008.

  2. Suicide be damned … surely Mr. Reid you have read the reports that Vince had a small caliber bullet hole in the side of his neck in addition to the larger caliber hole in his head!

    1. No, I had not read that and it would not surprise me but I am just reporting what the FBI agents said about her bullying him as well as his mental state. If he got knocked off and it was covered up, then the problem goes far beyond the Clintons but we already know that.

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