Race Treaty: The Next Malcolm X Generation with Ty Christen Joseph

Race Treaty Show  June 2 Host Onaje Muid. The Next Malcolm X Generation with Ty Christen Joseph. ” Each generation out of its own relative obscurity has to discover its own mission, either to fulfill or betray”, Fanon. Not completely so, if the previous generation shares information and support they can continue the struggle. Ty Joseph is such a recipient of generational knowledge, had taken up that tradition. He shares his life journey from Brooklyn, the influence of his mother and Sparks for African Genius African Centered School, and his world travels to Korea, Japan, Ethiopia (then producing a film and riding across country on horseback) and return to the United States fulfilling his mission in the role of student activist, scholar-activist/activist-scholar in a fashion to continue the struggle for Liberation. visit  https://vimeo.com/iamweblog and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a_Usvkf7Co

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