Tanya Free & Friends: The Instability of The Trump Administration

A Crazy week of musical chairs in the White House. “Spicy” is out and ten days after being appointed, the “Mooch” is out as well! Priebus is on the outside looking in and General Kelly moves over from Homeland Security to be Chief of Staff. Jeff Sessions may be next with rumors of Tillerson heading out as well. Transgenders in the military are the latest on 45’s chopping block and the Justice Department has filed court papers arguing that a major federal civil rights law does not protect discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Let’s talk about workplace issued microchips and an upcoming new alternative reality TV drama where the South won the Civil War and slavery is legal. Do we really need any more alternative facts? Let’s Deal with the Real TODAY on the Tanya Free and Friends Talk Show 2pm/1pm Central.

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