New Abolitionists Radio: Alabama Murders Nathaniel Woods, Biden & Sanders Stances on the Death Penalty

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Nathaniel Woods & Death Penalty

Despite evidence and knowing that Nathaniel Woods did not shoot 3 Birmingham cops serving an arrest warrant on an apartment Woods shared with a roommate, the state of Alabama murdered Woods after the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) failed to stop the execution. The United States has yet to unite with modern nations who have abolished the death penalty and continues to use capital punishment putting it into a coalition of nations like China, Saudia Arabia, Iran, North Korea to name a few.

Kerry Spencer was Woods’s roommate in 2004 and admitting to being the person who fatally shot Carlos Owen, Harley Chisolm, and Charles Bennett in 2004. The state of Alabama still charged Woods with the capital offense of killing cops in the USA and argued that Woods “conspired” with Spencer to kill the officers. In the real world and using the dictionary definition of “conspire”, it seems it would have been impossible two people to conspire to kill cops that they did not know were coming to serve a warrant. In this case, there was only one person firing the gun that killed the three cops.

intransitive verb

-·spired′, -·spir′ing
to plan and act together secretly, esp. in order to commit a crime
to combine or work together for any purpose or toward any effect: events conspired to ruin him

Biden Vs Bernie On Death Penalty

The US is obviously in political season where a new president will be elected or one Donald J. Trump may prevail and avoid be labeled a one-term POTUS. It seems likely that the person Trump will face will be either Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. With healthcare being the top issue most citizens say concerns them the most, the death penalty is a top issue for many or at least makes their top ten issues that would they like to see some transformative change.

Donald J. Trump is a staunch supporter of the death penalty and he and Biden have a lot of common ground on the issue. Trump wants to expand the death penalty to cover people convicted of selling drugs. Joe Biden successfully pushed for the creation of a “Drug Czar” to help coordinate agencies who fight the so-called War on Drugs and Biden did expand the death penalty in the Biden Crime Bill.

Mississippi Prison Update

Sanders’s tweeted out public support and solidarity with activists and prisoners concerning the rash of murders and deplorable inhumane conditions in the Mississippi prison slavery system. Sanders has always been opposed to capital punishment and believes the United States should abolish the Death Penalty.

Join Scotty, Tag, Kevin and Sophia for a panel discussion on the death penalty and the inhumanity of the prison slavery system in the United States.

The 13th Amendment of the US Constitution did not end slavery when it carved out the exception clause that led directly to Jim Crow laws across the country to target  African-American and other non-white populations. Repeal & Replace The 13th Amendment!

New Abolitionists Radio is an award-winning podcast that started in 2012 to bring awareness to legalized slavery and human trafficking in the United States preserved by the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution. This issue is often inadequately referred to as “mass incarceration”. Legalized slavery through prisons, jails and detention facilities and the mistreatment of those incarcerated in them constitute severe Human Rights violations per The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, especially its prohibition on all forms of slavery.

“No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.”

This continuation of a form of slavery is in violation of the prohibition of all forms of slavery as stated in the 1948 UN resolution 217 at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, France. New Abolitionists Radio is an award-winning weekly radio broadcast and podcast that started in 2012 to bring awareness to legalized slavery and human trafficking in the United States preserved by the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution.

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