The Harsh Reality Presents: Ep.5 (Ft. Kokou of the Bitter Medicine Podcast)

• Introduction: Tell us a little about yourself?
• The attack on the 2nd amendment, why Black Americans should be wary of any attempts to limit firearm ownership.
• Has this pandemic presented the perfect opportunity to switch up the education of our children? Why haven’t more people seized advantage of this opportunity by opening up education centers (I.E. King Randall).
• With recent headlines involving Megan Markle and Kamala, are Black ppl quick to embrace any melinated person much to the detriment of their own? Should the Destruction of a Black Civilization be mandatory reading in every household?
• The Asian Lives Matter Movement: Is this a tactic to further division while demonizing the Black/African Community?
• Is Pan-Africanism still an achievable goal, particularly with the growing ADOS/FBA movements?
• Wrap Up (plug business information, events, socials, etc.)

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