The Harsh Reality Podcast Presents: Ep.6 (Ft. Rhonda Mary)

• Introduction: Tell us a little about yourself? (Upbringing, how did you first become interested in firearms, any relevant background info, etc.)
• Expand on the history of the 2nd Amendment and how its suppression is rooted in racism.
• What’s next to come with the gun control legislation being pushed by the current admin? Do you think any of the bills being proposed will pass?
• Could more relaxed gun control actually help crime-ridden urban environments? Why do areas with the strictest laws have the highest gun-related crimes?
• There has been an uptick of black women becoming interested in firearms and self-protection, why do you think that is? Any tips for new gun owners and CCW carriers?
• Other tips/subjects related to the liberty movement in light of the recent climate. Importance of strong family units, financial security, home/communal schooling, self-reliance/prepping, etc.
• Wrap Up (plug business information, events, socials, etc.)

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