BTR NEWS: NYC Mayor & Drill Music Messages, White People & The N-word

After responding to constituents in NYC who are concerned about the connection between violence and certain types of rap music, specifically, drill rap, NYC Mayor Eric Adams called for a social media ban on violent drill rap videos. Within the same week, the mayor held a summit with local drill rappers to address community complaints about the violent media and the messages it promotes.

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One Reply to “BTR NEWS: NYC Mayor & Drill Music Messages, White People & The N-word”

  1. Such music is indicative of Genocidal people who speak of Black Lives Matter while their Actions show the exact opposite. Fredrick Douglas and Malcolm spoke of such acts in which Slaves are quite to fight each other over who’s Master is better. Here we are 170+ years later still singing we shall overcome, blaming white folk for songs song by and acts committed against each other. knowledge is Key, Actions Speaks

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