Confederate Flagger shot at in Gastonia, North Carolina

Racist White Chimp Out
A white supremacist terrorist suspect taunts Black counter-racist demonstrators with chimp sounds at the rally on South Carolina State House grounds on July 18, 2015.

By Scotty Reid On the day of that a group of racist terrorist suspects from a North Carolina Klan cell held their terrorist recruitment rally sanctioned by the state of South Carolina on its capital grounds in Columbia, just across the border in my home county of Gaston, North Carolina, a man flying a confederate flag from the back of his SUV reported to 911 services that he had been shot at least a half dozen times.

The unnamed man says he was dropping a passenger off at or near the Greenview Meadows Gastonia, NC, The man reported seeing a group of white people hanging out outside. He says that at least six shots were fired with one nearly hitting another passenger. When asked who shot at him, the call becomes somewhat unintelligible. In the audio of the call, the man who does not want to be identified does not make it clear whom he and the woman with him believe shot at the couple who were riding in his SUV.

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The man indicates that he drove away and wanted a police officer to meet him at the Gaston County Court House which has a very large monument to the confederate soldiers who fought to preserve the slavery under the guise of so-called state’s rights.

Confederate monuments stand on public property in Gaston County, North Carolina.
Confederate monuments stand on public property in Gaston County, North Carolina.

Gaston County had about 300 families that engaged in slavery out of about 15,000 whites prior to the Civil War. While most white people did not enslave any Africans, over 1100 from the area thought having the option to own human beings was worth killing and dying for.

Coincidental or not, this was another incident of violence to occur in connection to the confederate flag with several altercations between racist terrorist suspects and counter-racist demonstrators on or around South Carolina state house grounds as illustrated in a video where racist white male was assaulted and had his confederate flag took from him by young Black men opposed to racist white terrorism.

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