New Abolitionists Radio: Victim of New York’s Bronx 120 Case

Today is the April 18th, 2018 broadcast of New Abolitionists Radio in our 6th season. National Poetry Month. Tune in at 8 pm est!

On and near this day in history.

• April 18. 1977 Alex Haley, the author of Roots, was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. Much like brother Kendrick Lamar just received for his Album Damn.

• April 12th, 1861 the Civil War began at Fort Sumter, Charleston SC

• On April 16th, 1862 The District of Columbia Compensated Emancipation Act, or simply Compensated Emancipation Act, was a law that ended slavery in Washington, D.C. by paying slave owners for releasing their slaves. The act was signed by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln on April 16, 1862. April 16 is now celebrated in the city as Emancipation Day.

• Our guest tonight is Kraig Lewis from the Bronx New York. He was arrested in 2016 on RICO charges for being in a gang. He was convicted and sentenced under blanket charges. Kraig has since achieved a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Kraig says: I went back to grad school to get my MBA so that it would be easy for me to understand the business aspect of things. I was going to go back to law school after I received my MBA.
All of this was cut short when I was arrested. I’m here trying my hardest to get back to society and chase my dreams. I will not stop until I am successful and I can prove the government wrong about the things they said about me and the things they put out in the media.’
Tonight, our BTRN intern and the host of ‘Intercoms’, Tag will co-host with Scotty and me during the interview.

• In our segment The Slavecatcher Chronicles, the headlines read;
1. Data Shows Police Brutality in America is Getting Worse — 2018 Could Be the Most Deadly in Years.
2. Diante Yarber: Police kill black father with a barrage of bullets in Walmart parking lot.
3. The Supreme Court Gives Police a Green Light to ‘Shoot First and Think Later’
4. The release of additional footage from Stephon Clark’s killing reveals details of night’s events.

• Tonight, we’ll cover the South Carolina prison uprising which resulted in 7 deaths and we’ll provide a bigger picture image of SC’s recent record on courts, cops, and prisons. We might even pull out the historical record on SC.

• Listen, Cynthia Nixon for New York is running for governor and gets it. No. On cannabis legalization. She really gets it. We’ll let you hear what she said.

• Speaking of Nixon. We want to talk about him and we need some research help digging through the Nixon tapes. I’ll explain shortly.

• Our abolitionist in profile tonight is Moses Dickson (1804 1901) who founded the Knights of Liberty, which was a secret organization dedicated to fighting slavery and helping the enslaved escape.

• Our Rider of the 21st-century Underground Railroad is Cleveland’s Ruel Sailor who recently walked out of prison, 15 years after he walked in. There’s a twist to the story and we’ll tell you what it is tonight.

• As usual, we’ll dissect and disseminate current news and events related to 13TH amendment slavery from the perspectives of slavery abolitionists.

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