New Abolitionists Radio: New Jersey Prisons Pose Serious COVID 19 Threat To Communities, Leading Nation In Preventable Deaths

In this episode of New Abolitionist Radio, Scotty and Maxwell take a look at reports out of New Jersey that show dire circumstances for prisoners, staff, and the serious threat being posed to communities in New Jersey by COVID 19 and the state’s handling of the crisis. Maxwell also shared unexpected news related to the Die Jim Crow project being allowed to provide some masks for prisoners.

Die Jim Crow  launched a crowdfunding campaign for PPE (personal protective equipment) going towards the prisons we have a community in. You can get more information and donate via the GoFundMe account set up for this project to help prisoners. Link here.

Be sure to check out Die Jim Crow online.

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New Abolitionists Radio
New Abolitionists Radio
Black Talk Media Project

New Abolitionists Radio is an award-winning podcast that started in 2012 to bring awareness to legalized slavery and human trafficking in the United States preserved by the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution. This issue is often inadequately referred to as “mass incarceration”. Legalized slavery through prisons, jails and detention facilities and the mistreatment of those incarcerated in them constitute severe Human Rights violations per The Universal Declaration of Human Rights on a mass scale.

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