The 5W1H Show: “Mississippi Still Burning” Book Review Part 1 Ep 3

On this episode of The 5W1H Show I review the 2018 release of the text “Mississippi Still Burning”, authored by James Hart Stern and written by Autumn K. Robinson. James Hart Stern (Black Male) is falsely imprisoned in Mississippi, once there he’s assigned to be cellmates with notorious white supremacist Edgar Ray Killen. While in greater confinement Killen begins to give accounted details of his many terroristic acts against victims of racism, most notably the murder of the civil rights workers in 1964. Killen also reveals exactly that much of terrorism enacted upon the victims of racism at that time was sanctioned by the local and federal government. And there’s a Joe Biden connection in there also. Through the direct less refined racist speech and ideas of Killen you’ll see a refinement attempt for not only Killen but White Supremacist movements and organizations. This was a very informative text about the system of racism.

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