Abolition Today – The Voices Of A People

We’ll spend some time listening to the brave leaders of modern American constitutional slavery abolition from across the country. They deserve to be heard.

Speakers include Samual N. Brown, (Original author of ACA3 The California Abolition Act), Minnesota State Representative Rena Moran,
and Stephanie L. Willis (Policy Strategist for ACLU of Louisiana).

We will also air a little-known speech by Frederick Douglass from May 1865. His first public comments on the 13th amendment passing in February of 1865 where he directly addresses the impending disbandment of the American Anti-Slavery Society.

Music mixes include tracks from ReconcileJubilant SykesSimon & GarfunkelIron Butterfly, and The Neville Bros.
And of course, we’ll discuss the issue, cover relevant news, disseminate critical information, and keep you updated on the national struggle to fully end legalized slavery for the first time in the USA.

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