3 Guys Talking Smack and Listening To Music Season 3 Episode 3

Liam ,Big P, Benita, Shirleen and Traci Denise are in the house! Omar responds to the listeners!

R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz and more in this episode!

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3 Replies to “3 Guys Talking Smack and Listening To Music Season 3 Episode 3”

  1. Why is Omar upset that listeners respond to his Smack Talk? If he doesn’t like Big P saying Black Lives Matter, maybe he should say so. Maybe he is an ALL LIVES MATTER kind of guy ? Benita called it correctly Bitch ASS .Don’t tell me to lighten up ? This world don’t have time to lighten up?

  2. So you talk smack and we are supposed to not respond? Why do you guys even allow comments? Just calling a spade a spade. PUN INTENDED

  3. Omar you are the one that needs to lighten up. Why don’t you leave us the hell alone and take your comments to a White Racist Talk Radio Network? There was no love in your statement and you sir are as arrogant as you are offensive. And you choose to put your co hosts in the position of offending your foul comments.

    Either shut up or grow some balls and show your cowardly ass up and defend your Fox News talking points in person

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