New Abolitionists Radio: Fighting Savages Running the Savage System of American Slavery

Tonight. 8 PM EST US and Worldwide on New Abolitionists Radio. Today is the March 21st, 2018 broadcast in our 6th season. On and near this day in history. • On Continue Reading →

Video: The Abolition Movement to End Slavery in Mauritania

Slavery in Mauritania was abolished 4 times but still continues Visit for more stories and help support our work by donating at Join Us In Black Talk Radio’s Continue Reading →

New Abolitionists Radio – Slave Auction/Slave Murders/Slave State

[jwplayer mediaid=”12010″]Download Podcast May 6, 2015 Tonight on New ABolitionists Radio we have another mountain of facts and stories coming straight from the front lines of the slave trade here Continue Reading →

The Abolitionist’s Daily- Think Like An Abolitionist

[jwplayer mediaid=”11888″] Download Podcast April 29,2015 A message to the abolitionists- we are here to change people’s minds! Today we’ll look at the news and latest reports from Baltimore, as Continue Reading →

New Abolitionists Radio- A Lawless Land

[jwplayer mediaid=”11744″]Download Podcast April 22, 2015 The FBI has admitted that the validity of flawed forensic hair matches were highly exaggerated by court experts going as far back as 2000 Continue Reading →

The Abolitionist’s Daily – Private Prisons; Sex Abuse and Costly Bed Quotas

[jwplayer mediaid=”11581″] Download Podcast April 16, 2015 A Corrections Corporation of America prison guard sexually assaulted eight women while taking them away from a CCA prison, the women claim in Continue Reading →

New Abolitionists Radio – Effective Weapons for War

[jwplayer mediaid=”11346″]Download Podcast April 8th 2015… Our stories for tonight’s program include; • A series of outrageous police murders and abuses have all occurred within a short period of time. Continue Reading →

The Abolitionist’s Daily – Race and Reform

[jwplayer mediaid=”11252″] Download Podcast April 6, 2015 The nation- and the world are now well aware that America has a “mass incarceration” problem…but do they realize how its really a Continue Reading →

The Abolitionist’s Daily – Plantation Boom/Plantation Healthcare

[jwplayer mediaid=”11024″]Download Podcast March 30, 2015 Sorry, but no “new news” when it comes to our nation’s greatest preventable and curable cancer. We’ll look at two new reports detailing the Continue Reading →

The Abolitionist’s Daily – Just The Facts And Stats: Part II

[jwplayer mediaid=”10927″]Download Podcast We still have a long list of statistics and facts found by experts, which we need to share with you- as you help in the fight against Continue Reading →

The Abolitionist’s Daily- Ferguson America, Debtor’s Prison In Alabama

[jwplayer mediaid=”10745″]Download Podcast March 19, 2015 We told you that Ferguson was not an anomaly. Far from it. We’ll share a Top 15 list of the states around America that Continue Reading →